ZooGue Social Shell – Review

A no-frills case like this demands a no-frills introduction. The ZooGue Social Shell case for the iPhone 4/S is a great case in all the right ways, and while supplies last you can score one for nothing more than a minimal shipping and handling charge. Read on to find out how.

ZooGue as a company is a success story in and of itself. The brainchild of the inspired, hard-working, and dedicated Tim Angel, ZooGue makes affordable and functional cases for mobile devices that not only look great, but serve their purpose well: protect the device and don’t be an eyesore. One such case is the Social Shell case for the iPhone 4/4S.

Make no mistake–this is your basic one-piece snap-on case. What sets it apart is the material–the Social Shell is made of a tougher brand of TPU, granting you far more protection than standard silicone but offering pliability and grip not found in harder polycarbonate cases. You’re getting the best of both worlds. The same can be said of its texture; the Social Shell feels smooth to the touch, but still has some traction. It feels nice in the hand, but won’t fly off the table or act as a magnet for lint and dust. Treaded sides provide an improved grip without chafing. It’s also quite slim, adding but a very small amount of bulk to the iPhone 4/S.

The Social Shell sports your standard cutouts. There are three separate cutouts on the bottom for the docking port and speakers, one large cutout for the volume and ringer switches (which will accomodate all versions of the iPhone 4/S) and a single cutout for the headphone jack and secondary mic. Shown in the large image above is the pill-shaped cutout for the camera and flash. There are no flashback issues with this case.
The dock cutout is sized to fit Apple’s dock connectors, so larger connectors might have trouble fitting properly. The bright side is that the cutout is very shallow for easy access.
Size may also be an issue with the cutout for the headphone jack, which will not fit larger headphone plugs. Seeing as smaller plugs are becoming more commonplace, however, this shouldn’t be a big problem. There is no cutout for the sleep/power button; the raised mold provides nice, responsive feedback. Unlike silicone cases where the lip of the case is prone to deforming over time, there are no such issues with the Social Shell.

It’s a no-frills, very basic case that does its job very well. It provides plenty of protection, adds little to no bulk, and looks great–a functional case, indeed. This is an excellent product from ZooGue and is definitely worth picking up, even if just to add to your collection.

The ZooGue Social Shell can be purchased for $14.99 and is available in a wide assortment of colors to suit your taste.

But wait!

You can score one of these for next to nothing! ZooGue has chosen to show some serious generosity by giving away 50,000 of these cases (two per customer) for free. All you pay is the shipping and handling charge. Simply “Like” their page on Facebook and you will receive a promotional code that you can enter at the checkout page. This also applies to their iPad Stylus & Pen combo, and you can combine the two in the same cart.

Yes, this is a legitimate offer, but you have to act fast as the offer’s only good as supplies last.  If you want to get in on this great deal, visit the link and follow the instructions. Thank you very much to Tim Angel and the folks at ZooGue for not only a great deal, but also a great product. Here’s to even greater measures of success in the future.


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