I fooled around and fell in love.

Should I have included a pair of Toms?I pulled up wordpress, leaned back, and realized that I’ve become that guy at Starbucks. I feel like I should be writing a screenplay right now just to complete the image. I don’t think that my edits to the above image are vintage enough.

I decided that I would start writing again about nothing. Once a week. I don’t think that’s such a tough commitment to make. Spending eight hours in a warehouse with no windows, performing repetitive tasks, and hearing “(Insert name here) please report to the Activity Center” ad nauseam over the PA system are draining any creative energy I have left.

My answer to that, of course, is to force myself to ramble on wordpress and write about whatever for five minutes. About three and a half minutes just passed.

It’s actually a little frustrating because ideas come all the time. I have a story I want to write. I have riffs and incomplete lyrics recorded on my phone. I have ideas for videos. I still take pictures. I just never do anything anymore.

Five minutes a week to write?

I think I can do that.

Time’s up.



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