quiet arithmetic.

amber waves of grain


I did a lot of driving today – not to any particular wear, but I had serious cabin fever and I didn’t want to spend my day off inside. My trip to the Rockford area takes me through quite a lot of country road.

I’ve complained sometimes that the drive gets monotonous, and that gets difficult when I’m tired. Then again, I spent so much time commuting to and from work that I usually took those drives either really early in the morning or a little less early. Since switching shifts I don’t really see the sun rise anymore, nor do I get to see it set.

This time I just left the music off, pulled over to the side of the road, and just watched it for a bit before taking this shot. I admit I warmed it up in Afterlight just a little. This is much closer to what I actually saw.

I’m saying nothing profound. Don’t look for the imagery. You can, but you’re looking for something I didn’t really put there. Then again, isn’t that how inspiration works sometimes?

Time’s up.


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