who says i’m wack?

sorry, it’s been a while. i do intend to keep up with this.

i’ve mentioned before the pitfalls of my job. while i enjoy the work itself, it does take its toll on me mentally and emotionally. i’m sure some of you understand. the hours don’t help, either. i’d appreciate the prayers – i’m trying to get moved into day shift, not just so i can have a decent personal life but so i can continue to be involved at church during the week. i do miss that quite a lot.

i just came back from a beautiful wedding of dear friends. justin, kate – thank you for letting me (and my better half) be a part of your special day. i couldn’t be happier for you both. love each other always.

i didn’t set a timer for this one, by the way. i’m just writing.

oh, i redbox’d Age of Extinction. it’s a marked improvement that shia labeouf isn’t in it (that guy needs Jesus), though i can’t say that it’s necessarily a good movie. i do like Optimus Prime’s characterization, which i suppose is an unpopular opinion based on the people i’ve talked to. i like that at this point he’s tired and worn and maybe a little fed up, because at the end of the day he still chooses to do the right thing. i like my heroes tested and proven. also, the idea that the Dinobots are knights was a brilliant move (and has a lot of potential story-wise), but the fact that they existed as nothing more than set pieces and fan service was off-putting. but no, it wasn’t a good movie. the Bayformers series just isn’t good, but i can’t not admit that i enjoyed the fourth even a little bit.

i’m going to stop here since i literally just wrote a movie review and that’s a pretty good sign that i’m done for the night.

stay golden, folks.


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