iPhone 5 – Thoughts

I was bound to write about this at some point seeing as I’ve talked about it a lot on Twitter and… to people.

I’ll preface with this. The iPhone 5 doesn’t suck. It’s actually a pretty decent phone and, objectively speaking, the best iPhone yet. That goes without saying. It improves on the 4S in (almost) every way and you can see it right on the spec sheet. It’s a good phone. Let’s get the green-tinted glasses off for a second and just acknowledge that, while not competitive, Apple released a good product. Heck, while Apple’s behavior on the courts would suggest otherwise, their products tend to just exist on their own. They don’t design with a competitive focus, which is both a criticism and something that works in their favor. I digress, though.

Why is the iPhone 5 so disappointing, then? Many cite the overflow of leaks we got prior to the release which took away from the device’s thunder. That really wasn’t it for me. See, I’m the kind of guy who can read spoilers and maybe wind up enjoying the movie even more. The prior leaks didn’t diminish my excitement–what little I had–about the device. As a matter of fact, before I saw iOS 6’s meager offerings you could say I was plenty excited.

I strongly believe Apple played it really safe with this one. I might even say they played it too safe. When Steve Jobs passed away a couple of years ago, we questioned where Apple would go after him. We wondered if Tim Cook could deliver. There was a lot of mystery surrounding what Apple’s next move would be. Whatever it was, it would be Tim Cook’s first real impression on the tech industry. Read More


My Future as an Apple User

WWDC is over, and iOS 6 has made its rounds in the community of developer accounts (and those who have bought UDID slots).

I’ve been an iOS user since December of 2008. It pains me to say that, as comfortable as the experience has been, there just hasn’t been a lot about iOS that’s changed in the past three years.

It’s not that I hate iOS or I’ve begun to. However, I’m not seeing a very interesting and exciting future for the platform if its current direction is any indication. To be honest, for the past three years iOS has really only added a few features and updated their stock applications. That’s not to say they weren’t welcome changes (most of them, anyway). However, none of them have felt truly meaningful. Read More

Project Glass – Thoughts

I’m surprised that Twitter didn’t blow up about this the way it did about Instagram on Android (glad to see that buzz is dying now). If you haven’t seen Google’s Project Glass yet, check the video.

I feel that I need to preface the following with this: I am primarily an Apple user, but I am also a fan of Google’s services. My choice in tech has no bearing on the opinions I am about to express. Read More

ZooGue Social Shell – Review

A no-frills case like this demands a no-frills introduction. The ZooGue Social Shell case for the iPhone 4/S is a great case in all the right ways, and while supplies last you can score one for nothing more than a minimal shipping and handling charge. Read on to find out how. Read More

Ring, ring.

Here’s some information on the tech used in this video:

Blue Yeti Microphone and Radius Shockmount:


Canon EOS Rebel T3/1100D:

mophie juice pack boost – review

If you’ve spent a good amount of time looking around at Apple accessories you may have come across the mophie brand of battery cases. They hit it big with the mophie juice pack air for the iPhone 3G/S, an extended battery case that was touted to double the operating life of your iPhone. I actually got to use the juice pack air and while I can’t say for sure if it doubled my iPhone’s battery life, it sure extended it by quite a bit. Since then, mophie has extended their product line to the iPhone 4/S, and have even launched external backup batteries for the Apple line of devices.

Enter the mophie juice pack boost.

The juice pack boost is the mid-range model of mophie’s line of backup batteries. No larger than the average wallet, the pocket-sized juice pack boost packs 2000mAh of power–enough to charge your iDevice all the way to 100%. Bold claim, but does it deliver? Read More

“(Some of) it just works.” – Steve Jobs

Let’s just get this out of the way before anyone starts crying “fanboy” on me. The iPhone and iOS, in all of their iterations, are flawed just like every other smartphone and operating system. I understand this far more than most–I jailbreak my iPhone because, as much as I like it, there are changes I’d make to its functionality. As part of the jailbreaking community I am thankful for those with the extensive programming know-how who feel the same as I do.


I frequent tech blogs. As a smartphone owner I’m always checking this stuff out because it matters to me. I pay a lot of attention to iPhone/iOS stuff, which just makes sense to do. If the iPhone is causing any problems you can expect everyone to be jumping on it. That seems to be the thing to do. They’re so rampant that they turn into full-fledged memes. That’s when you know it’s bad. I definitely know that more than a fair share of users encounter these malfunctions and it’s not always their fault. Tech craps out. It happens, and it stinks.

Yet, none of it ever happens to me.

Am I honestly in that deep, deep minority of people whose devices just work? How do you get into that club? I’d like to recruit new members.

It’s the darnedest thing. No, I’m not secretly hoping that my 4S starts draining its battery on standby faster than Kim Kardashian’s wedding (I’ve my topical humor quota), or that it starts crashing like the Hindenburg. It’s just bizarre that I have to put my flame suit on whenever I say, “No problems here.”

It’s not just my iPhone. My Xbox has never red-ringed. My Camry’s pedal didn’t get stuck under the floor mat (obviously–I mean, somebody would have heard that story). Ever since getting rid of my VAIO I’ve experienced zero malfunctions (though I did accidentally lock my SIM once–my bad). If anything, you’d hear me complain about iTunes. Then again, there are plenty of reasons to hate iTunes, but I don’t even own that.

Should I rejoice that my very old Belkin Wireless G router needs to be reset every now and again?

Don’t get me wrong–I’m glad I have precious few to complain about in regards to the stuff I use.

It just gets really lonely here. :(

P.S. I’m running stock iOS5 because the 4S doesn’t have an available jailbreak yet. I’m perfectly happy with it. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate a jailbreak, though.