to the stars

@ambientnotes – “To the Stars”

#Fender Standard #Telecaster ->
@midnight30music M30 Overdrive (Allen Bradley Resistors)
BOSS DD-7 Delay
@tcelectronic Transition Delay
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
Midnight30 Serenity Reverb
TC Electronic Ditto Looper
-> Fender Hot Rod Blues Jr. NOS (Eminence Patriot Series “Red, White, & Blues”)
Filmed with a Canon 60D + 40mm f/2.8.
Less soup and wash, more straightforward strumming providing the foundation for a spacey melody line. This is my first #ambientnotes with my new Telecaster. It’s got a high end that shimmers. As quickly as this came together it was quite fun to dream up. I hope you all enjoy it.
#Telecaster #Fender #guitar #melody #music #ambient  #newguitarday #pedalboard

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