the spark of a moment


Out of every photograph I’ve taken in the past year (riding up to quadruple digits), this is the best and my favorite shot. There are many technical and creative reasons as to why I’d pick this particular shot as my “best,” but it’s my favorite because it’s the why I’ve allowed myself to get into photography. The uniqueness of photography is that i can show you the spark of a moment as it was for however you left the shutter open. I love those sparks because they’re what make you get up and not want to leave until you take the moment with you somehow because you know that nothing ever truly happens twice whether you set it up or it just appears in front of you. You could write a song, draw a picture, or even choreograph a dance; photography is just one of those ways that you can say, “This is what my eyes saw when this moment came alive.”


Ring, ring.

Here’s some information on the tech used in this video:

Blue Yeti Microphone and Radius Shockmount:


Canon EOS Rebel T3/1100D: